Onshore Services

Our OEM trained Service engineers / Technicians are competent to carry out Five yearly inspections, Rehooking and Repairs as per the latest Solas Regulations.


Engine Service / Overhaul

Tecomarine Marine Services offers a complete engine overhaul, repairs and maintenance on all types of engines fitted in Lifeboats, Rescue boats and Fast rescue crafts.


Static load test of lifeboat / Rescue boat

Our facility is equipped to carry out static load test for all kinds of lifeboats and Rescue boats fitted with On/Off load release gear.We have a wide range of test equipment which can be used to perform static load test.


lifeboat/Rescue Boat Refurbishment

Tecomarine Marine Services offer a wide range of refurbishment possibilities to our entire clients. The refurbishment activities are executed at our own facility meeting the requirements of all Classification societies.


Lifeboat inspection including on/off load release gear overhaul

Our OEM trained service engineers can carry out the lifeboat inspection including On/Off load release gear overhaul effectively with a minimal downtime without affecting quality.

Lifeboat/Rescue Boat Grp Repairs

Our well experienced and skilled GRP technicians can undertake GRP repairs on all types of Lifeboats/Rescue boats as per the class requirements.

Lifeboat on load release gear test using oem approved hydraulic test kit

We are equipped with latest OEM approved Hydraulic test kit from different lifeboat makers for carrying out On load release gear test. Upon the completion of Lifeboat release gear overhaul, 1.1 times on load release gear test can be carried out with our OEM approved Hydraulic test kit which is also approved by the Classification societies.